Data Virtualization


virtual-reality-1802469_1920.jpgAt it’s core, Data Synchronization System (DSS) is a data management tool. This tool helps us to tackle various use-cases, the most common being, Identity Management. In addition to IDM, we use DSS on a regular basis to build Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Solutions as well as Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Solutions. Another excellent use for DSS is in building Data Virtualization Solutions.

Simply put, “Data Virtualization describes the process of abstracting disparate data sources (databases, applications, file repositories, websites, data services vendors, etc.) through a single data access layer (which may be any of several data access mechanisms). This abstraction enables data access clients to target a single data access layer, serialization, format, structure, etc., rather than making each client tool handle multiples of any or all of these.”1

Whether your applications are on-premise, in the cloud, or both, DSS can ease and automate access to your data via a meta-data construct thus enabling or facilitating the use of an organizations data in ways that are not otherwise possible for the purposes on data mining, reporting, validation, and much, much, more.



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