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Elizabeth Lurie is an experienced sales, marketing, and strategy business professional. As an Enterprise Account Executive at Identity Automation, Elizabeth specializes in helping large organizations close the gaps in their security. Elizabeth serves as a board member and Marketing Director for the South Texas Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association.

Protecting Retail from Security Threats with Workforce IAM

It is a challenging reality of the retail sector that employees are traditionally the weakest link to deterring digital security threats, such as system breaches and data theft. In a complex environment where employee turnover, seasonal workers, a mobile workforce, and shifting roles are a constant challenge, protecting the organization from security threats requires a vigilant approach to access and identity governance.

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The Foundation of PCI Compliance: Identity Management Software

The goal of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) is to protect cardholder information from abuse. While the standard does not make any technology recommendations, its requirements line up with best practices for how payment card information should be handled, communicated, and stored in order to sufficiently secure it.

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4 Tips to Minimize the Risk with Onboarding & Managing Seasonal Workers

Seasonal employees play a vital role in the operations of retail organizations. In many industries, a full-time worker is categorized as someone who works 40+ hours a week and is on a salary. However, for retail organizations, a full-time worker is someone who works twelve months out of the year. The many employees who did not fit that definition are considered seasonal workers.

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How to Keep Employees from Sharing User IDs

If you’ve recently been employed in any kind of retail environment, you know that the use of passwords isn’t confined to white collar corporate desk jobs. Computer systems are used by all types of businesses and workers, which means passwords are a reality for all of us. Yet a unique aspect of the retail industry I’ve noticed is how prevalent it is for floor workers to share their user IDs or even have a shared login and password. Think about it.  Have you ever seen a sticky note with some sort of “Password123” written on it in the corner of the point of sale (POS) register while you were checking out?

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The Inefficiency of Password Resets

I recently attended Retail’s BIG Show conference and started up a conversation with an IT staffer of a regional retail chain. Over the course of our conversation he shared with me that it was his company’s corporate policy to provide a single, shared password for his store’s workers. From the store manager to the shelving stockers, they were all using the same password.

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3 Ways Retailers Can Use Identity Management to Improve Efficiency

The retail landscape is changing quickly and evolving like never before. Internet and multi-channel retailing have completely altered the way people shop and do business today. Retail IT Departments are now charged with managing higher volumes of employees and customer access requests. Identity management is here to help those understaffed IT departments keep up with the flood. Here's how:

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Internal Threats are Real: Observations from IT Summit 2015 in Houston

After Houston SecureWorld, we hit the pavement again and headed for IT Summit 2015 in Houston last week. We found that our mission to educate enterprises and education institutions about the dangers of rogue employees is also the war cry of others! 

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Identity Automation at Houston SecureWorld 2015

Last week, a couple of us on the Identity Automation team attendedHouston SecureWorld 2015 courtesy of a special invite from the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). Many thanks to our friends at ISSA for the opportunity to serve on their behalf.

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