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Samuel Carter is interested in the design and development of innovative security tools, systems, and services for K-20 institutions and enterprises alike. As Training and Development Manager, he leads the internal and external training efforts that keep customers, employees, and partners knowledgeable about the latest Identity Automation products and services. In addition, he engages in a variety of business development activities using the latest technologies in security, identity and access management, and *-as-a-Service cloud-based paradigms to enable growth opportunities within and between Identity Automation, its partners, and customers.
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Single Sign-On vs Reduced Sign-On - IAM Explained

Whenever I am involved in the initial discovery phase of an Identity and Access Management (IAM) project, the term Single Sign-On (SSO) always comes up. SSO is often desired or a hard requirement of customers, which inevitably prompts a clarification discussion around just exactly what SSO means to them.

The customer’s definition of SSO is usually something along the lines of “customers have one set of login credentials for all of their web applications instead of a different set for each.” For example, a single “scarter” account and password can get me access to Salesforce and Google Apps versus having a separate “scarter1” account for Salesforce and then an “scarter2” account for Google Apps.  

However, this interpretation of what SSO means is actually only half correct.

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