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Tim Everson currently serves as the Information Security Engineer at Identity Automation and is a recognized expert in the realm of identity and information security, having over 20 years of experience delivering and supporting technology solutions throughout every sector of the industry. Holding multiple certifications from leading security vendors, he strives to 'give back' his knowledge to the community through reviews of security products, courseware, books, and other subject matter, while remaining involved in the open source and security communities through membership in such organizations as FBI Infragard. When not tucked behind a computer screen, he enjoys sport motorcycles, computer graphics and animation, and hiking/outdoor activity with his family.

The Value of Identity Part 3: Five Steps to Avoid a Breach

In Part 1 and Part 2 of my series on the value of identity, we looked at the consequences of revealing excessive personal information in public, more specifically the digital realm, can have on the individual and an organization. We saw that hackers can use the information you reveal on social media and the internet not only to impersonate and steal your identity, but to even infiltrate and take control of your company’s network. 

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The Value of Identity Part 2: The Company’s Perspective

In my recent post, I discussed how in today’s world, identity is ubiquitous – it reaches into almost everything we touch, while identity theft and fraud have become near constant topics in the news.

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The Value of Identity Part 1: Identity Gets Personal

Over the past two decades, my work in information technology has exposed me to home end users, as well as corporate environments of every shape and size, throughout most sectors of the industry. These experiences have provided a unique perspective into the struggles that individuals and organizations face regarding personal information and proper user identity and data management.

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