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WEBINAR: The Digital Classroom Requires a Next-Gen IAM Solution

digital-388075__180.jpgTechnology continues to be a driving force in education. Children as young as preschool age are using tablets in school, teachers are constantly brainstorming new ways to modernize their classrooms with educational apps, and IT personnel are under increasing pressure to ensure this ever-evolving digital environment is secure. By implementing a next-generation identity and access management solution school districts have the opportunity to effectively and efficiently regulate these transitions.

 While the digital classroom is in a continuous state of change, legacy IAM products are simply unable to keep up. School districts need the ability to quickly, seamlessly, and securely streamline access workflows. However, the required custom coding makes it simply too time-consuming and cost-prohibitive to adapt legacy products to evolving EdTech initiatives.

Unlike legacy tools, Next-Gen IAM platforms are easier to modify, quicker to implement, offer a lower total cost of ownership, and act as a one-stop shop for provisioning and deprovisioning, single sign-on to on-premise and SaaS applicatons, self-service and delegated password reset, and other identity and access needs. Next-Gen IAM software transforms identity management at every level of your organization - freeing your employees, managers, IT department, and partners and vendors to do what they do best.

This live webinar will explain how to bring a Next-Gen IAM solution, like RapidIdentity to today’s modern, digital classroom. You will not only learn what to look for in an IAM solution and the benefits of making the transition from a legacy system, but also actionable steps to start the process. Don’t miss your chance to be on the forefront of the technology curve by implementing this cornerstone of the modern, digital classroom.


Date:    Thursday, March 17, 2016

Time:    12:00 pm PT / 2:00 pm CT / 3:00 pm ET

Presenter: Timothy Till, Director of Sales for SLED North America

To register for the webinar, click here.  

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