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Greg has over 15 years of expertise in strong authentication and identity management. He co-founded 2FA, Inc., a cybersecurity company specializing in multi-factor authentication and enterprise single sign-on that was acquired by Identity Automation in 2016. Greg held the roles of Practice Manager, Principal Consultant, and Consulting Manager at Schlumberger, consulting with leading energy companies on how to deploy smart cards and related technology. Before Schlumberger, Greg served as a warrant officer in the US Army. Prior to his commission as a warrant officer, Greg attained the rank of Sergeant First Class. During his 11 years on active duty, Greg served with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), the unit featured in the blockbuster “Blackhawk Down,” the Southern European Taskforce, the 1st Armored Division, and the 3d Infantry Division. He served in three campaigns in Iraq, two humanitarian efforts throughout the Balkans, and on numerous missions throughout Africa.

Eliminating or reducing the number of passwords in the enterprise remains a top focus of management and security professionals alike. While single sign-on technologies, such as password managers, identity federation, and operating system-based technologies, that reduce and simplify the number of passwords have been in use for years, the number of passwords and emerging technologies to address the problem has also increased.