IAM Considerations When Planning an AWS Migration

As with any technology shift, there are many considerations and concerns surrounding a migration
to the cloud, like how your existing software licenses transfer, what type of “cloud” you might need,
reliability, and as always, security.

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Why IAM Should Be a Foundation for Your AWS Migration

As cloud technologies and services become increasingly pervasive, accepted, and economically compelling, it’s no longer a matter of “if”, but when to migrate. However, an equally important question is how to migrate! And more and more, companies are moving some or all of their infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to realize lower capital costs and total cost of ownership, elastic scalability, and high availability at a global scale.

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Why You Must Consider IAM Before Your Cloud Migration

With an incredible 
95 percent of organizations already using the cloud in some fashion, it’s no surprise that there is an endless stream of advice on how to achieve a successful cloud migration.

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