ISACA CyberSecurity Conference

Save the Date for two of the most informative conferences on cyber security this year, all under one roof!

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Exclusive: Identity Automation and ISSA Luncheon Success

Last month, Identity Automation sponsored the South Texas Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Luncheon in Houston, TX, and it was a huge success!

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Internal Threats are Real: Observations from IT Summit 2015 in Houston

After Houston SecureWorld, we hit the pavement again and headed for IT Summit 2015 in Houston last week. We found that our mission to educate enterprises and education institutions about the dangers of rogue employees is also the war cry of others! 

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Identity Automation at Houston SecureWorld 2015

Last week, a couple of us on the Identity Automation team attendedHouston SecureWorld 2015 courtesy of a special invite from the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). Many thanks to our friends at ISSA for the opportunity to serve on their behalf.

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Meet Our Team: Jeff Backhus, Services Engineer

Identity Automation could not be where it is today without our team. Our people allow Identity Automation to have a strong company culture and meet client needs that are as unique as their own abilities and personalities! So for the next few weeks, we want to introduce you to the faces beyond the emails and phone calls.

It's our pleasure to introduce you to Jeff Backhus, Services Engineer.

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Student Privacy at the Forefront of CoSN Annual Conference

I’ve attended the CoSN Annual Conference for the past seven years and in each of those years, I’ve run into more and more people who are customers of Identity Automation. It’s been an interesting transition going from being a vendor no one’s heard of who’s providing a solution to a challenge schools don’t know much about to becoming a leader in a space that’s absolutely pivotal to education technology. It’s also been very satisfying to see the company mature and grow over these past seven years.

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Building Bridges Washington Conference: Doing More with Less in IT

Last week our team attended the first “Building Bridges” Washington State Higher Education Technology Conference. The event brought together a diverse group of post-secondary education professionals focused on how technology can be used to maximize student success on campus and as they go into the workforce. Education IT staff, eLearning staff, library staff, institutional research staff, and campus faculty leadership were all in attendance. This broad representation of disciplines was fitting since the conference’s theme was “Building an environment of collaboration across boundaries”.

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CoSN Preview: Education's Digital Leap to the Cloud

Next week, I will be taking part in the CoSN Annual Conference from March 16-19 in Atlanta. CoSN, or Consortium for School Networking, is the leading association for school district technology leaders. I’ve attended this conference before; however, this year’s theme of ‘Enabling Your Digital Leap’ is quite intriguing.

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My Epiphany at Brainstorm 16.0

Last week I was in Wisconsin attending the BrainStorm 16.0 conference where I had an epiphany:

Identity management was originally developed to help organizations either adhere to external compliance concerns, such as HIPAA or SOX, or internal governance concerns like process controls. The net result of these concerns was automating processes to force compliance. Technically speaking, automation then became a side effect of compliance.

In education, however, the initial concern was not governance, but rather the bulk management of massive environments. A school’s entrypoint to identity management had always started with automation.

At Brainstorm 16.0, I realized that schools are now more and more concerned with ensuring appropriate student/teacher access to systems and programs, which, ironically, is actually the old way of seeing identity management.

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Identity Automation Is a Proud Signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge

Joining over 100 corporations including Apple, Google, Khan Academy, and Microsoft, we are pleased to support Student Privacy Pledge in their mission to safeguard the privacy of students in grades K through 12.

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