Compliance Automation and Validation


In today’s highly regulated enterprise, the importance of ensuring and maintaining compliance to mandated requirements is well understood. Failure to abide by these requirements can be very costly in terms of fines and in securing the technology resources needed to resolve the issues. In some extreme cases failure to comply can result in the suspension of business operations while the identified gaps are remediated.

In order to keep these risks and their associated costs in check while, at the same time, ensuring compliance one needs to:

  • Keep up with the numerous user account and access changes that occur each and every day
  • Eliminate the audit “surprises” that frequently pop-up during internal and external audits
  • Reduce the risk of compliance violations caused by human error
  • Provide a way to ensure that the systems that are put into place are being enforced (i.e. “Trust, but Verify”)
  • Minimize costs associated with compliance activities

The best way to tackle this challenge is to implement a platform that enforces the right access to the right resources and detects, reports and remediates inappropriate and suspicious activities as they occur. These systems can:

  • Automate and enforce access requests and changes
  • Monitor network activity in real time
  • Eliminate security gaps in compliance audits
  • Improve productivity

It is vital that the solution that is chosen for implementation has the breadth of capability to support the enterprise’s databases, homegrown applications, authorization systems, Windows systems, ERP / CRM Applications, directories and mainframe systems thus ensuring long term viability.

Once in place, your organizations’ technology audits should be a much smoother and less issue prone process.


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