Enterprise-class XenServer for FREE


Identity Automation is a huge proponent of open source software and we use a lot of it in our internal operations, in our solutions and in custom consulting work for our customers.

That said, open source is not always the way to go. While it oftentimes has the capability one needs to accomplish a particular function, it sometimes lacks the management tools, user interface and other elements that make commercial options more appealing.

We have been using Xen, an open source virtualization tool, to virtualize our servers for quite some time. We also use Xen as a component of our managed platforms solution but have found that many customers prefer VMWare’s products because they have an interface that makes management much easier.

This week, Citrix has announced a new enterprise-class version of Citrix XenServer is available for FREE! That means that XenServer is the first (and only) free virtualization offering to include live migration of virtual machines, and it is the first to provide free, centralized multi-server management.

If you are interested in virtualizing servers in your datacenter and don’t have the budget to buy licensing for the traditional commercial offering then consider XenServer as an alternative; I think you’ll be pleased.


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