Keeping Notes When on the Road


I don’t know about you but I am a thinker in the car. Perhaps that’s because with traffic there is really nothing else to do BUT think.

I now am using a totally free service to allow me to put those thoughts into the place I need them most, my email inbox!

Before my wonderful solution, which I will get into soon enough, my problem was that I can’t write while driving (especially as a Lefty) and I don’t like the process of calling and leaving a voicemail at the office. So, a lot of my brilliant ideas have not been realized for lack of a simple way to track them. I’m sure the same is true for you as well.

My accidental discovery was the website Now, this discovery wasn’t “life changing”, but it was pretty darn close! So, “What is and what will it do for me?”, you ask. Let me summarize…

Once setup, provides you a number to call with your cell phone. You call the number, a pleasant voice says, “What would you like to do?”. You use a quick command such as “REMINDER”, or “TEXT” or “EMAIL”. Then the pleasant voice responds with “What would you like to remember?” or “Who would you like to text?”. For me, the REMINDER functionality is the favorite tool. I simply say what it is I want to remember the next time I get to my computer. It can be anything you want. Then, you simply hang up (or you could wait and do more commands). At this point, a miracle occurs! You will receive a text message AND an email of the message you just left, typed out! The email will also include an audio attachment of your actual message as well. I’ve found that the speech to text recognition is excellent (the term “LDAP” is not well understood) but the audio backup is very helpful.

There are so many other commands available to use via Dial2Do such as getting weather, calendar, twitter and many others. You can use your online account to setup contacts, groups and all sorts of fun things. This is helpful if you want to send out a broadcast email or text message to a lot of people at one time.

Great tool and great price!!


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