Show All SLP Services in Linux


Back in the good old days of NetWare, if you wanted to see all registered services in SLP, you would simply type: display slp services and the full list would appear on your screen.

Fast forward to Linux and OpenSLP and you can't do that very easily. Using a combination of slptool switches, you can eventually get all the same information, but it is cumbersome and time consuming.

The following script was written to make that job simple and quick. It will write all the services to your screen and allow you to scroll up and down the list at will. It will also write the results to a file in the /tmp directory so you can look at it again without having to run the script. This also allows you to quickly grab the results from multiple computers for comparison.

Just copy your script to each server you'd like to run it on. I recommend putting it somewhere in the path, such as /usr/local/bin. Then, you make the script executable (chmod +x ./ and you are ready to run it.

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