Taking Virtualization to the Next Level


Most of us are intimately familiar with the concept of virtualizing operating systems. In fact, running virtual machines on our desktops has become so ubiquitous that average, non-technical, computer users are even in on the game.

There is another virtualization technology that has been around for some time called application virtualization that truly takes the virtualization concept to the next level.

Imagine being able to run software applications in an isolated environment that’s immune to conflicts with other software. This is accomplished by packaging each application with all of its files, settings, runtimes, and components into a single executable. Once packaged, the applications act just like they would if they were natively installed, but your operating system, registry and run-time environments remain unchanged.

This opens up some amazing possibilities such as being able to run multiple versions of the same application on the same machine at the same time. A good example of this might be for a developer who needs to see how a site she is developing will look and behave in IE6 and IE7. Leveraging the capabilities of application virtualization our developer could run both browsers without any issues and immediately see the results of her ongoing development work.

This approach also has the capability of significantly lowering the deployment costs associated with rolling applications out across the enterprise thus saving budget dollars and freeing up IT resources.

If you are interested in seeing application virtualization in action, contact Identity Automation today to schedule a demo.

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