Total Identity Management System


Identity Automation is pleased to announce its Total Identity Management System (TiMS) solution architecture.

The TiMS architecture combines the company’s Identity Lifecycle Management, Workflow & Self Service, Data Warehouse and Secure Application Portal solutions which they have been implementing for commercial, government and educational customers for many years. Together, these solutions help form the most complete Identity Management solution available on the market today.

TiMS Components:

  • Identity Lifecycle Management is a solution for automating the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across the enterprise including on-boarding, off-boarding, role modifications and any other changes that would affect a user throughout their tenure with the organization such as transfers, promotions, project membership and more.
  • Workflow and Self Service are end-user facing components of the Identity Management system to support resource requests and approvals, profile management, forgotten password self service, white page lookups and dynamic, online org charts.
  • The Data Warehouse component is a data integration layer that links applications to allow data synchronization and aggregation, custom action triggers and provides a platform for building robust enterprise-wide reporting.
  • The Secure Application Portal provides a single URL, SSL encrypted landing page for end users to gain access to their internal and externally hosted applications while providing SSO capabilities to those applications. This component provides a simple, secure interface for staff, students, customers, partners, parents, or anyone else that may require access to your systems.

The TiMS architecture is cross-platform and is capable of integrating with virtually any platform, system, device or application that your organization currently supports. In addition to expert implementation, Identity Automation also provides options for fully managing your TiMS solution to alleviate the need for customers to provide additional resources and/or training to support their Identity Management infrastructure.

In today’s compliance driven workplace no organization should be without a well architected Identity Management solution.


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