DSS Systems Integration Adapter for Zendesk


Identity Automation is pleased to announce the release of its DSS systems integration adapter for Zendesk.

This adapter facilitates fully automated identity lifecycle management and access control for your users within Zendesk from the authoritative system(s) of your choice.

This capability makes it possible to automatically create Zendesk accounts for your staff and customers based on a feed from an HR system, Active Directory group membership, Identity Automation ARMS Sponsorship Module or any other system that provides a means for external data exchange.

Leveraging the Identity Automation Zendesk DSS Adapter eliminates the need to manually create and manage Zendesk accounts and ensures that accounts are created and deleted in a timely manner. This reduces burden on the IT staff, increases services-levels, reduces risk and ensures auditability of access.

These are just a few examples of the capability that the new Identity Automation DSS Adapter for Zendesk provides.



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