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Those of us that work in the Identity and Access Management space, recognize that there are going to be significant changes in the IAM arena over the next few years. One particular change will be the movement of Identity related services to the cloud thus lowering the entry cost for such services to both smaller and budget/resource challenged organizations.

This position is also held by research groups such as Gartner. Ant Allan, Research VP for the company, said the following at an Identity & Access Management Summit in London in 2009:

"There is a continuing need in this time of economic uncertainty and budgetary constraint for cost-effective, risk-appropriate IAM methods".

"This includes growing demand for identity-aware networking, host-based and service-based IAM offerings ... "

Well before we started to see a down-turn in the economy, the whole concept of SaaS had become very palatable to businesses. Just as a business relies on electricity that they do not produce, so too can they consume critical infrastructure services that they do not build and manage themselves. This particular position is being further driven by the ever increasing need to comply with both internal and external mandates which makes building such an infrastructure and developing a staff of experts to maintain it more and more difficult.

Identity and Access Management, while vitally important, are not a core competency of most organizations. The complexity of such solutions makes the idea purchasing these capabilities from a third party very desirable.

Identity automation now has offerings that play to this specific need. With our hosted and/or managed provisioning solution, sponsorship / attestation solution and workflow solution it is now more affordable than ever to implement an automated system that will provide full identity lifecycle management, storage provisioning and more.

If you would like to learn more about our Identity Management solutions or any other Identity Automation offering please contact us today.

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