Managing the Cloud


We work with organizations every day that consume a number of their services from “the cloud”. For many commercial and government customers these are services like Google Apps or Zendesk. For education customers, we see a lot of Live@EDU, Google Apps and Raptor V-Soft but the list of service providers is endless.

We all know that managing identity and access within our internal systems is challenging enough and the idea of extending this to cloud based services can be the cause of a lot of concern.

One way to deal with this is to implement an on-premises Identity Management solution using tools such as our Data Synchronization System (DSS) and Access Request Management System (ARMS). Another option is to leverage our hosted solutions for synchronization, which we offer for systems such as Zendesk, KeepnTrack, Google Apps, Live@EDU and Raptor V-Soft.

Taking this approach means quick implementation, reduced burden on IT staff, increased service-levels and fast ROI.

If you would like to learn more about our hosted and on-premises Identity, Data and Access Management solutions please contact us today.


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