How Secure is Your Data?


While working with our customers, we are regularly surprised to find so little continuity in the way that many organizations handle their data integration.

Usually these conversations arise because a customer needs a way to feed existing data into another system. As you can imagine, this is a very common scenario. What’s surprising, however, is how often the movement of this data is done in an ad-hoc fashion. This ad-hoc approach results in all types of uncontrolled data extractions with equally uncontrolled data hand-offs.

By “uncontrolled” I mean that these scripts that are used to extract data are rarely managed in a centralized fashion. As time goes on administrators leave the organization and relationships with partner organizations (with whom you were sharing data) are terminated, yet the scripts are forgotten and continue to run.

An approach that we take with our customers is to centralize all data management using our Data Synchronization System. This allows all data extraction, data transformation and data insertion functions to reside in a central location so they can be properly managed. With this approach, administrators can see all the scripts that touch their data sources and regularly validate their place in the environment. This is a much better model and one that can significantly lower risk to the organization.

In this world of ever increasing risk of being in violation of a compliance requirement or an embarrassing incident due to uncontrolled data access, it is of paramount importance to take all necessary steps to control data extracts.

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