Total Cost of Ownership


Taking on a new solution, even one designed to lower costs, manage growing complexities, and mitigate ongoing risks, always carries a cost of ownership. This is seen in software maintenance costs, often times an increased server footprint, and even in continued staff training and keeping their skill sets current on the technology. More and more, we have to look beyond the benefit of the solution to the organization, and weigh carefully the total costs of owning the solution.

We consider all information technology assets and solutions moving in the direction of “the cloud.” Organizations want to capitalize IT, and remove it from their overhead as much as possible. To do this organizations are looking more and more at hosted solutions, software-as-a-service vendors, and outsourced IT.

A couple of years ago, there was no strategy to deliver Identity Management Solutions in any way other than a significant server footprint on-site, typically occupying multiple servers (physical and VM) with high availability and fail-over. This data center growth to accommodate the solution impinged on any immediate ROI, and made the solution more costly to manage in the long term.

With our shift in strategy we fully embrace the new hosted and service oriented delivery of identity management, giving our customers a turn-key identity management solution without the need to parse out data center space, or to keep their staff resources concerned with new technology. Identity management for our customers is now a service that is out of the day to day concern, and provides automated provisioning and workflow management through a simple web-UI that is both intuitive and clean. As customer needs shift, or changes are required to the solution to accommodate internal policy, we manage the solution to bring it into alignment.

This strategy is proven to lower TCO, and allows our customers to achieve a real ROI in a fraction of the time of a traditional IDM deployment.

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