ARMS 2.2.0 Is Now Available


** Bugs Fixed
* Debug message being displayed when session token expires
* ARMS Forgotten username/password have bad links for css reset styles
* Deep linking doesn’t work correctly
* ACTM non My Delegations should not allow setting of challenge questions but instead expire them.
* Forgotten Password application shows raw html for password policy
* GMM: ‘Modified By:’ is blank
* Error when making the getDSSIntegrationConfig API call
* Workflow forms do not show up
* Forgot my password needs to check for invalid challenge set error
* Altentry authentication error message not displayed correctly
* Group Configuration sometimes shows blank values when values do exist in the database

** Improvement
* GMM: Only keep last 10 sync history items for each group

** New Feature
* Enable/disable each email template
* Add export button to export data as csv for all tabs
* ACTM: Claim My Account

** Task
* Modify session timeout default value from 1 hour to 8 hours



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