Live@edu and Google Apps


A question we get almost daily is, "Can your software manage Live@edu and Google Apps accounts?" The short answer is - ABSOLUTELY!

With ARMS and DSS we can provide full identity lifecycle management for accounts in Google Apps, Live@edu and Office365. The most common approach is to connect to your systems of authority such as your Human Resource (HR) system or your Student Information System (SIS) and look for specific events such as new students, new staff, terminated students, terminated staff, name changes, location changes and any other changes that are relevant for your downstream systems.

Another common question is, "How can we keep our passwords in synch?" ARMS and DSS take care of this need as well. When a user changes their password, we can automatically push that password change to all of your connected systems to ensure that your users have a seamless login experience to all of their enterprise resources including cloud-based services such as Office365 and Google Apps.

If you are looking for a way to automate the management of your cloud-based services, whether it's for 100 users or 200,000 users, give us a call and we can help you implement a solution to meet your specific needs.



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