Version 3.1 Product Release


We are excited to announce the release of ARMS and DSS Version 3.1 on April 1st. This release has several bug fixes as well as many new features. The new features we would like to highlight are the new Mobile UI for ARMS and the Multi-Factor Authentication for FIMS.

Mobile UI for ARMS

With the release of 3.1 of ARMS comes a new, fully updated, mobile web interface. In the past, the mobile interface supported account claiming, forgot my username, forgot my password and SAML authentications. It did not, however, support logging into ARMS or other products due to our Flash requirement.

The 3.1 implementation is a complete rewrite of the mobile interface which takes advantage of new technologies to provide a rich, cross platform interface. With this re-write we now fully support logging into ARMS and launching applications with the Application Access Module to take full advantage of our SSO capabilities.

We will continue to expand our Mobile UI to include more ARMS modules with each release. Our next release will include all features and functionality of the Account Management Module. Stay tuned!

NOTE: The Mobile UI for ARMS does require a license to activate.

Multi-Factor Authentication for FIMS

Federated Identity Management System (FIMS) is our SAML IDP (Identity Provider) offering. FIMS is the authentication and authorization service for our ARMS, DSS and FMS products as well as any other systems that support SAML (e.g. Google Apps, Office 365, and many more).

With our recent 3.1 release of FIMS we have added Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA for FIMS supports Google Authenticator which is a free app for any mobile device and a service used by numerous cloud services (e.g. AWS). Once configured, end users will be required to provide their authentication token after logging in with their standard credentials. In effect, this adds two-factor authentication to any application integrated with FIMS for authentication and authorization.

NOTE: The MFA for FIMS does require a license to activate.

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