Identity Automation Is a Proud Signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge


Joining over 100 corporations including Apple, Google, Khan Academy, and Microsoft, we are pleased to support Student Privacy Pledge in their mission to safeguard the privacy of students in grades K through 12.

The Student Privacy Pledge was developed in 2014 by a nonprofit organization of the same name based in Washington, D.C. In their words, “It is critical that schools and school service providers build trust by effectively protecting the privacy of student information and communication with parents about how student information is used and safeguarded.”

Organizations that commit to the pledge promise to adhere to several data privacy tenets, including policies about not selling student data, making it easy for parents to see their students' data, and being transparent about how those data are collected and used.

This mission clearly mirrors the goals of Identity Automation. We are wholly dedicated to providing software that not only enables companies and educational organizations of all sizes to work more efficiently, but also to protect the identities and data of every individual involved with those systems. In today’s ever-changing technological landscape, this topic is especially important for students, their families, and educators.

By signing the Student Privacy Pledge, we reiterate our support of these goals and also help raise awareness of these critical issues in our industry. We proudly stand behind the values of the Student Privacy Pledge and wish them continued success in gaining support from everyone involved in the education and technology community.

For more information about the Student Privacy Pledge, click here.

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