3 Ways Retailers Can Use Identity Management to Improve Efficiency



The retail landscape is changing quickly and evolving like never before. Internet and multi-channel retailing have completely altered the way people shop and do business today. Retail IT Departments are now charged with managing higher volumes of employees and customer access requests. Identity management is here to help those understaffed IT departments keep up with the flood. Here's how:

Easily manage high employee turnover

Retail employs more seasonal and temporary staff than many other industries. Because of the constant changes in employee status, the high volume of  access requests can be difficult to manage. These specified accesses range anywhere from badging systems to clock-in systems to Internet access. Automated provisioning can streamline this process and eliminate the complexities that are often associated with these types of frustrating tasks.

Large number of password resets

Password resets can be extremely time consuming. With the large number of seasonal / temporary employees and online customers getting locked out of their accounts, it can take IT anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to resolve their access request and get them back online and onto the company's portal. Essentially, employees need the ability to continue taking inventory and continue their daily job duties, as well as assist the customers who can now login and continue their online order. Empowering users to reset their own passwords through automated self-service will save organizations time, freeing up valuable IT resources. 

Multiple systems, cloud applications and directory integrations

Integrating legacy systems with new applications can be quite a challenge for employees and especially IT staff. Expecting employees to keep up with multiple logins and ensuring IT has the tools they need to be able to accurately manage user accounts can be a total nightmare. Providing users with a single sign-on web based portal will eliminate the hassle of multiple login screens and increase security by offering a central point of entry.

Don’t let the stress of managing high volumes of access requests overwhelm you. Identity management can help you tackle intricate and time consuming security processes in an efficient, productive way. It saves you time, while also providing your retail organization with the security it needs.   


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