Announcing the Latest Release of RapidIdentity: A Look at Our Identity Management Solution’s Enhanced UI and More


At Identity Automation, we put a strong focus on our customer’s needs and strive for continuous innovation and improvement of our solutions. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the latest release of our RapidIdentity Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, adding an enhanced user interface (UI), as well as new functionality and capabilities.

The RapidIdentity UI makeover streamlines workflow processes and includes updated visuals with a focus on intuitiveness. The new UI offers an enhanced user experience for both end-users and administrators alike, with new features, such as a redesigned, customizable dashboard, Global Search functionality, Proxy-As capability, consolidated Profiles & Sponsorship, and more. 

Let’s explore the new functionality and enhancements included in this release:

Highlights of the New RapidIdentity UI

Redesigned RapidIdentity UI Dashboard: Bookmarked Applications

Applications 2-1

The new RapidIdentity Portal UI includes a redesigned Dashboard workspace. Now, users can bookmark their most frequently used applications. Bookmarked applications appear on the customizable launch pad for quicker, more convenient access. Additionally, for users with the proper authorization, ROI report metrics and graphs can be added to the launch pad as well, offering increased visibility into end-user activities, such as password requests and profile unlocks.

Global Search Functionality

Search Results List-1

New Global Search functionality allows users to quickly search across all RapidIdentity modules, returning matching information from all modules, reports, requests, roles, applications, and users. In the previous UI, the search feature was available within each module, but not across modules.

New Feature - Proxy As

A new feature called Proxy As enables authorized users and administrators to view information as another user and perform actions on their behalf. This feature replaces the “Team” related tab functions in the previous UI, including Team Application, Team Sponsorship, and Team Dashboard.

Previously, the “Team” related tab functions allowed users who are responsible for other users, such as a manager or teacher, to view their employees' or students' Applications, Entitlements, and Sponsorships. Now, the manager or teacher can use the Proxy As feature to view that information. 

Let’s take a closer look at this new capability works:

Select User to Proxy As

Proxy As #1 - Select User to Proxy As-1

First, under the top right Profile menu, select “Proxy As” and type the name of the user you want to view information as or on whose behalf you want to perform actions.

Confirm Selected User to Proxy As

Proxy As #2 - Confirm Selected User to Proxy As-1

Next, you will be prompted to initiate the proxy session by confirming the selected user is correct with options “Cancel” or “Yes”. 

Proxying As the Selected User

Proxy As #3 - Proxying As a User-1

This image displays a Proxy As session in progress, indicated by the orange outline and “Proxy As: Johnny” orange box in place of the standard red Profile Menu on the top right of the screen. 

Profiles and Sponsorship Redesign

RapidIdentity Sponsorship is a unique feature that allows organizations to efficiently manage user accounts for contractors, consultants, vendors, volunteers, and other external users who need to access your systems, but aren’t actually employees that exist in your system of authority. With Sponsorship, the ability to request accounts on behalf of external users can be delegated to authorized users who can then submit requests on an as needed basis. To further simplify and streamline processes, RapidIdentity’s Sponsorship and Profiles features have been redesigned and consolidated.

Now, authorized users can perform Profiles and Sponsorship functions in a single location: the new People workspace. Previously, profile-related activities, such as resetting a user's password or their challenge responses, were performed in the Profile module. Now, those functions are performed in the People module along with the management of sponsored accounts.

Creating a Sponsored Account

Sponsorship - Creating a Sponsored Account-1

Under the People workspace, select Sponsored Accounts on the left-hand menu. Click “Add Person” for the window displayed above to populate. Enter the required information, including Name, Email Address, and Sponsor, then click “Create”.

Displaying a Sponsored Account

Sponsorship - Displaying  a Sponsored Account-1

Once created, the Sponsored Account will be displayed. Click the profile to view details, as seen in the image above. From here, you can also click “Edit Profile” to update details as needed. 

Enhanced Notifications and Approvals


Notifications and Approvals have been enhanced to visually indicate pending actions that need to be taken and recent events that have occurred.

Dashboard Setting, Control Access: Role-Based or Attribute-Based

Dashboard Role and Attribute Access Control-1

Administrators can now set role- or attribute-based access controls on the Dashboard, enabling them to control which users can access the Dashboard. With this added capability, RapidIdentity can be configured to restrict certain users from accessing the Dashboard module. This is beneficial for organizations that do not use single sign-on (SSO) applications. Because the bulk of the Dashboard module simply displays bookmarked applications, users at these organizations would otherwise see a blank screen.

Other New or Enhanced RapidIdentity Features

Roles Viewer system role:

This read-only role, allows role members to see everything in the Roles module without giving them the ability to modify members or dynamic membership rules. Specifically, role members can: 

  • Retrieve all Roles
  • Search Roles
  • Advanced Search Roles
  • Retrieve a Role by ID
  • See current Role membership

SAML Federation as an Authentication Method:

A new authentication method called “Federation” has been added that enables SAML federated authentication with another Identity Provider (IdP) during login, based on an applicable authentication policy. Essentially, the Federation method specifies another IdP, which could be a separate RapidIdentity server or another IdP altogether, to be used to authenticate the user.

This is used in instances where the authenticating user is part of a larger organization, but needs access to local resources. With Federation, the user is defined in both IdPs. When the user logs into the IdP for the smaller organization, the authentication is actually performed by the larger organization’s IdP. The user only authenticates once, and now has access to the resources available in both IdPs.  

Customizable Browser Tab Title:

Administrators can now customize the title of the browser tab of their RapidIdentity instance, so it is more meaningful to users. For example, customers of school district XYZ can name the browser tab “XYZ Student Portal” rather than “RapidIdentity”. 

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Stay tuned for additional releases, as we continue to add new functionality and capabilities to our RapidIdentity solution!

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