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Brittany Glasscock is a content writer with a background in K-12 education. As a content marketing specialist at Identity Automation, she creates a variety of content media, including blogs, e-books, case studies, press releases, website pages, and social media. Outside Marketing, she enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, and teaching her cat how to fetch.

Healthcare Identity and Access Management: Why It’s Time to Shift from Single Sign-On to Comprehensive IAM

In a recent blog article, we discussed the top 5 Identity and Access Management challenges the healthcare industry is facing. Evolving compliance regulations, growing M&A activity, digital transformation, ongoing financial and organizational issues, and mounting security threats are all driving the need for more comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities that go well-beyond pure single sign-on (SSO) alone.

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Overcoming the Top 5 Healthcare Identity Management Challenges Requires More Than SSO

The healthcare industry is in a state of flux. Increasing regulations, the shift from paper-based to digital records, and pressure to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of care has given rise to a period of change and new challenges. 

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Meet Our Team: Lori Kelly, Director of Customer Success

At Identity Automation, our customers at the core of everything we do. In fact, we boast a department dedicated to advocating for our customers. Our Customer Success department is driven by developing and establishing positive relationships with our customer base. This means that we do everything we can to guarantee our customers are happy and receiving value from their solution, and continue to turn to us as trusted partners on their Identity and Access Management (IAM) journey.

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SSO, Passwords, and MFA: Is the Future Passwordless?

Recently, Identity Automation CEO, James Litton was featured in a USA Today article that posed the question: Is Single Sign-On (SSO) the answer to our password-related struggles?

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Preventing the Top Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks with IAM, Part 3 - Hacking

Cybersecurity breaches continue to plague healthcare organizations. Every month, new horror stories about patient data being compromised hit the headlines. Despite this, and the evolving regulations in healthcare, the fact remains that the industry is still behind the curve when it comes to cybersecurity.

We’ve decided to take a closer look at the top threat actions that are causing these healthcare data breaches and how a modern identity and access management (IAM) solution can help. So far in our series, we’ve covered social engineering and malware attacks

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Capital One Data Breach Recap: Keep Your Organization Ahead of the Curve With IAM

March 23, 2019 seemed like any other Monday at Capital One headquarters. Little did employees and customers know that, over the weekend, a hacker had successfully breached Capital One’s security defenses. 

As a result, more than 140,000 Social Security Numbers, 1 million Canadian Social Insurance numbers, and over 80,000 pieces of banking and credit information were stolen, along with an undisclosed number of names, addresses, credit scores, and more. 

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Meet Our Team: Thomas Loving, Cyber Security Manager

In this month’s Meet Our Team blog, we’re highlighting our Cyber Security Manager, Thomas Loving. Identity Automation wouldn’t be who we are today without an airtight security system. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our customers and team safe from cyber threats, so it’s natural that we employ only the best to keep our data secure.

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Meet Our Team: Lauren South, Director of HR

Identity Automation is committed to acquiring and maintaining relationships with our outstanding team. We set high expectations, so it’s only natural that we have an exceptional director spearheading our HR department.

And we do— meet our Director of HR, Lauren South!

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