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With more than 29 years of experience in enterprise technology software and systems, James has led teams as an executive living and working in North America, Africa, Europe, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Immediately prior to joining IA, he was the Head of IT for Cray, a global supercomputing company. James joined Identity Automation as its Chief Executive Officer in 2007 and led the company to success as a consulting services firm and has since guided the company through its rapid and successful transformation into the highly profitable, high-growth software products company it is today.

Identity Management as a Service

Those of us that work in the Identity and Access Management space, recognize that there are going to be significant changes in the IAM arena over the next few years. One particular change will be the movement of Identity related services to the cloud thus lowering the entry cost for such services to both smaller and budget/resource challenged organizations.

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Identity Management Is More Important Than Ever

At Identity Automation, we’re passionate about security and have the opportunity to work with our customers on such issues each and every day.

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Cloud Computing

As technology evolves we are finding that the methods for application delivery are also evolving. While there are a number of varying technologies such as application streaming and terminal services, the most exciting is the movement of applications into the cloud. Moving applications and services to the cloud allows them to be consumed via a browser which completely changes the landscape in terms of end-user platform requirements, licensing management and so much more.

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Hosted Identity Management and Data Integration Solutions

Back in March I gave Five Reason Why You Need An IDM Solution. We regularly talk with customers that would like to implement some sort of Identity Management (IDM) or Data Integration (DI) solution but are challenged with implementation costs, licensing costs, skills capability for infrastructure management and skills capability to manage and maintain the “drivers” that facilitate the movement of data between systems.

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Linux in the Datacenter

Businesses around the world are increasing performance, reliability and agility by deploying Linux into their datacenters. These deployments carry a variety of workloads such as Web and network services as well as mission-critical applications and databases.

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Compliance Automation and Validation

In today’s highly regulated enterprise, the importance of ensuring and maintaining compliance to mandated requirements is well understood. Failure to abide by these requirements can be very costly in terms of fines and in securing the technology resources needed to resolve the issues. In some extreme cases failure to comply can result in the suspension of business operations while the identified gaps are remediated.

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Taking Virtualization to the Next Level

Most of us are intimately familiar with the concept of virtualizing operating systems. In fact, running virtual machines on our desktops has become so ubiquitous that average, non-technical, computer users are even in on the game.

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Enterprise-class XenServer for FREE

Identity Automation is a huge proponent of open source software and we use a lot of it in our internal operations, in our solutions and in custom consulting work for our customers.

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