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Jill Kressin is a skilled content marketer with over three years of experience in the information technology industry. As Identity Automation’s Content Marketing Specialist, she develops content in a variety of styles for a wide array of media, including blog articles, press releases, customer spotlights, data sheets, brochures, website pages, emails, and social media. Outside Marketing, Jill enjoys traveling, yoga, reading, kayaking, and attending concerts.

Meet Our Team: LeeAnn Friemoth, Team Lead Project Manager

At Identity Automation, we strive to be a trusted advisor to our customers during their Identity and Access Management (IAM) journey. The second an organization becomes our customer, it’s our practice to provide best-in-class service to implement and evolve their solution as time goes on.  

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How Districts Can Enable Secure Rostering to Digital Learning Resources

Ongoing innovations in pedagogy and learning strategies in the K-12 industry have spurred school districts to rapidly adopt digital tools for the classroom, while reducing their reliance on traditional print-based educational resources. To deliver their services, digital curriculum vendors require timely access to accurate and up-to-date student, teacher, and class roster data.

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Access Denied: Safeguarding Digital Learning Resources in the New Classroom

Recently, we discussed the importance of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a tool school districts should leverage to help prevent data breaches and protect against threat actors. MFA is a sure step towards securing access to district systems and applications; however, with at-home instruction being K-12 education’s new normal, schools need to take an even more comprehensive approach to securing their resources. 

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Government and Cybersecurity: Conquering Secure Remote Access

COVID-19 has forced hundreds of thousands of government and public safety staff to rapidly shift from the traditional office setting to remote offices located in their homes. These employees have gone to work in the same building every day for years, often with a badge for secure building access, and essentially followed the same daily operations. But now, everything has changed.

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Valley Medical Spotlight: Improving Clinician Efficiency with ExactAccess SSO

Valley Medical Center, a University of Washington facility located in South King County, Washington, is a network of acute care clinics and one public hospital that serves over 600,000 area residents. For 14 years, Valley Medical’s clinical staff had utilized Single Sign-On (SSO) to help streamline clinic workflows, but their solution wasn’t aging well.

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Increasing Healthcare Security & Usability with the IAM Maturity Model

Identity and Access Management (IAM) in healthcare is designed to achieve the balance of strengthening security measures and enhancing clinical workflows through efficient access to digital tools and records— all the while meeting HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

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How to Best Celebrate World Password Day: Implement Passwordless Authentication

Today is the first Thursday of May, which means it’s World Password Day. World Password Day is a timely opportunity to remind internet users to evaluate their individual password strengths and best practices. However, in reality, passwords are a significant vulnerability and even the strongest passwords can easily be stolen and compromised.

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Meet Our Team: Brandon Levine, Manager of Sales Development

From 2009 to today, Identity Automation has provided the market’s most complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform. Our hardworking Sales Development Representative (SDR) team makes sure that our solutions are top in prospective customer’s minds. 

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Identity Automation Releases Summer 2020 Update for RapidIdentity IAM Platform

At Identity Automation, we put a strong focus on our customer’s needs and strive for continuous innovation and improvement of our solutions. We are proud to announce the latest generation of RapidIdentity and provide our customers with the most in-demand capabilities for today’s evolving IAM challenges.

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Healthcare IAM: The Five Step Path to Success

Recently, we discussed how modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables healthcare organizations to reduce risk through security, while also enhancing usability for clinicians. However, there are many, different facets of IAM, spreading across a number of areas and processes in healthcare, and these capabilities are extensive for facilities of all sizes.

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