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Jill Kressin is a skilled content marketer with over three years of experience in the information technology industry. As Identity Automation’s Content Marketing Specialist, she develops content in a variety of styles for a wide array of media, including blog articles, press releases, customer spotlights, data sheets, brochures, website pages, emails, and social media. Outside Marketing, Jill enjoys traveling, yoga, reading, kayaking, and attending concerts.

SB 820 & COVID-19: Why MFA Must Be Part of Cybersecurity for Schools

While there is no user group that is safe from data breaches, K-12 is particularly vulnerable right now. In North Dakota alone, the state network used by K-12 schools, state universities, and other public agencies experience 5.7 known cyberattacks every month. Data breaches are not uncommon, and districts are limited in the measures they can take due to budget constraints.

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Identity Automation Launches Studio Module for RapidIdentity with Enhanced Rostering Capabilities

I’m excited to announce the launch of the Studio module for RapidIdentity with enhanced Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities. This new module provides bidirectional ETL capabilities including the transformation, combination, and filtering of data, which has been leveraged for a complete refactoring of RapidIdentity Rostering, a data rostering solution for K12 education.

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Meet Our Team: Greg Pearson, Director of Solutions Engineering

At Identity Automation, we work hard every day to provide best-in-class solutions that are configurable, flexible, and scalable. Working to coach our employees and customers on our products and services is our Director of Solutions Engineering, Greg Pearson. 

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Balancing Healthcare Security and Usability with Identity & Access Management

It’s no secret there are high expectations surrounding the healthcare industry, especially today with the state of emergency and fear bound to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Healthcare organizations must take even higher measures to protect patient and staff safety, deliver a high quality of care in an efficient manner, and keep patient records and information secure with adherence to compliance requirements.

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Breaking Down the Identity and Access Management Capability Maturity Model, Part Two

Maturity models can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of current capabilities and set a prioritization level when an organization is ready to advance its capabilities. When applying a maturity model to Identity and Access Management (IAM), however, it’s important to examine the key tenets of an overall IAM strategy.

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Cut the Paper Trail and Stay DEA Compliant With EPCS Solutions

Enhanced security, increased patient safety, reduced risk of prescription fraud, better patient experience— the benefits of Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) are clear. Spurred in response to the opioid crisis, EPCS eliminates paper prescriptions by allowing clinical prescribers to electronically write prescriptions for controlled substances. It also permits pharmacies to receive, dispense, and archive e-prescriptions.

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Breaking Down the Identity and Access Management Capability Maturity Model, Part One

Recently, we discussed the four key areas of comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) as well as the common misconception that IAM is a technology that’s confined to select areas. As we transition away from this perception to one of a robust and mature IAM system with a wide array of tenets, it’s critical to determine an action plan to improve your organization’s IAM capabilities.

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A Zero-Trust Approach to COVID-19: Stay Secure While Working Remotely

Conferences, music festivals, sporting events, parades— every event imaginable from coast to coast is either already cancelled, postponed, or has attendees at the edge of their seats waiting for the latest update. Hospitals and healthcare systems are sending thousands of non-essential employees home to work remotely. Universities and K-12 school districts are also shutting down all over the world, affecting 300 million students globally

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What You Need to Know About EPCS: E-Prescribing Benefits and to Whom it Applies

Over the past two decades, the Opioid Epidemic has topped an alarming level of news headlines. In response to this, effective June 1, 2010, the Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) was passed by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as an alternative to hard copy prescriptions. 

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Preventing the Top Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats With IAM, Part 4 - Insider Threats

From social engineering attacks and phishing to malware and hackers, the healthcare industry has a firm target on its back. As we explored in the other three parts of our healthcare breach crisis blog series, attacks can come from almost any vector with the payoff for criminals on the dark web or via ransomware being well-worth the effort.

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