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Jill Kressin is a skilled content marketer with over three years of experience in the information technology industry. As Identity Automation’s Content Marketing Specialist, she develops content in a variety of styles for a wide array of media, including blog articles, press releases, customer spotlights, data sheets, brochures, website pages, emails, and social media. Outside Marketing, Jill enjoys traveling, yoga, reading, kayaking, and attending concerts.

Identity Automation Announces Strategic Distribution Partnership with 3Eye Technologies

I’m pleased to announce a strategic alliance with 3Eye Technologies, a value-added distributor of mobility and cloud solutions. As we continue to gain momentum through the Identity Automation 2.0 growth strategy, a targeted initiative to scale the business with increased focus on execution, the new partnership will provide new routes to accelerated profitability and deliver more value to customers.

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How IAM Makes or Breaks Customer Experience During an M&A

There’s no question that merger and acquisition (M&A) transitions are incredibly complex, making successful integration a major component in realizing their full value. From a technology standpoint, this means implementing solutions, such as modern Identity and Access Management (IAM), that make integration as simple as possible.

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Assessing Your Identity Governance & Administration Solution, Part Two

Time and time again, we see data breaches frequenting the headlines, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, 2019 alone saw two of the top five largest data breaches recorded in all time.

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Meet Our Team: Dave Samia, Director of Product

At Identity Automation, we’re proud of our complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) products we provide to our customers. Part of being one of the top IAM solutions providers is keeping our products up-to-date to meet the changes and innovations our industry presents with daily. To do that well, we needed someone with a strong background in technology and the grit to keep our products moving forward.

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Take Proactive Measures to Ensure End-to-End Identity and Access Management Using Microsoft Azure AD

As organizations continue their migration to the cloud, for many this now includes their Active Directory (AD). For example, in the education space there’s been a recent push by Microsoft for school districts utilizing Office 365 to adopt Microsoft InTune, a mobile device management platform for K12 education. However, InTune only works with Microsoft Azure AD, thus, requiring a shift from an on-premise AD model to SaaS-based Microsoft Azure AD.

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Gartner 2019 Recap: How Automated Access Management Can Save More Than Money

It was another great year for Identity Automation at Gartner’s Identity and Access Management Summit. Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company, and attendees included trailblazers, thought leaders, and industry experts pushing the bounds of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Key members of our team put their cards on the table in sunny Las Vegas and had some serious conversations with representatives from varied backgrounds and industries.

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The IAM Security Tools That Shape a Modern Identity-Based Perimeter

As recently as five years ago, establishing strong network controls and ensuring a defense-in-depth posture was enough to minimize the risk of a cyber-attack and keep the bad actors out of your network. However, times have changed, and the delineation of organizational perimeters has blurred between on-premise and cloud-based resources as more and more users need remote access to resources and accounts.

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Evolving Your Organization’s Access Management Capabilities with the Identity and Access Management Maturity Model, Part Two

Access Management (AM) is a critical area in any cybersecurity strategy that refers to how identities are applied to the data and resources in an organization’s environment, ensuring users have the correct access to the appropriate systems, resources, and applications.

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Our 2020 Predictions: What's in the Future for IAM?

Another year has passed and we’re now in a new decade. Looking back on our 16 years as a company in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry, we’re excited to see where the next ten years takes us and how IAM technologies will continue to evolve.

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Our Top Healthcare Blogs of 2019

This year has been an exciting time as we’ve continued to expand our presence in the healthcare industry! Following our 2018 acquisition of HealthCast Inc., we hit the ground running with a series of new healthcare content.

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