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Kathleen Garska, Identity Automation's Director of Marketing, is an experienced digital marketer and marketing communications specialist within the B2B and technology spaces. With a decade of professional writing and editing experience, Kathleen heads Identity Automation's marketing department, managing the strategic direction of the company's blog, website, content resources, digital marketing and demand generation efforts. Beyond Marketing, Kathleen is a dedicated (see: obsessed) dog mom to two rotten terriers, and she loves art, travel, cooking, yoga, and cycling.

Don't Stop at Single Sign On

There is no doubt that single sign-on (SSO) capabilities are an important part of any identity and access management (IAM) solution. SSO reduces user frustrations by eliminating the need to keep a list of separate login credentials for individual applications and lowers support costs by helping to reduce the amount of time IT spends addressing login issues and resetting forgotten passwords. Single sign-on can also be utilized for documenting user account activity.

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Protecting Retail from Security Threats with Workforce IAM

It is a challenging reality of the retail sector that employees are traditionally the weakest link to deterring digital security threats, such as system breaches and data theft. In a complex environment where employee turnover, seasonal workers, a mobile workforce, and shifting roles are a constant challenge, protecting the organization from security threats requires a vigilant approach to access and identity governance.

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The Foundation of PCI Compliance: Identity Management Software

The goal of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) is to protect cardholder information from abuse. While the standard does not make any technology recommendations, its requirements line up with best practices for how payment card information should be handled, communicated, and stored in order to sufficiently secure it.

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4 Signs You Need to Modernize Your Identity Management Software

According to Statista, the market for identity and access management is expected to grow to 7.1 billion dollars by the year 2018. This is up from 4.5 billion dollars in 2012; and much of this growth can be attributed to the fact that so many organizations are looking to upgrade their identity management software to better meet the security and workflow needs their company faces.

Unfortunately, there is no odometer on your current identity management solution that tells you it is time for an upgrade. Instead, knowing when you need to look at making a change can be determined by these four key factors.

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Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Seamlessly Integrates Digital Textbooks and Enhances Classroom Learning with RapidIdentity

When Dallas/Ft. Worth-based Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District decided to transition from paper to digital textbooks, the benefits of this future-forward plan were obvious – not only would the move enhance classroom learning, but digital content is often cheaper, easier to update, and more environmentally friendly.

However, the district quickly realized that the process would be more complicated and time-consuming then initially anticipated. It took months to extract data from the district’s student information system and load it into multiple textbook systems one student at a time.

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Lock Down Access to Admin Accounts with On-Demand Privileged Access Management

Intruders Can’t Drive You Nuts If You Don’t Give Them the Keys!

Nearly every enterprise system, application, and database comes with a privileged account.  Administrators need these privileged accounts to install software updates, reset passwords, set up or deactivate accounts, and perform other standard administrative tasks.
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Identity Automation Unveils New RapidIdentity Training Courses

In April, Identity Automation launched its newly developed RapidIdentity Product Training Courses. These instructor-led, hands-on courses are designed specifically for administrators, system owners, and Identity Automation partners who implement, configure, or manage RapidIdentity.
Together, the two courses – Foundations and Advanced – give participants an in-depth understanding of our RapidIdentity software and provide the necessary tools for a full identity lifecycle implementation.

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Challenges with IAM Solution Analysis, Access Privileges, and Onboarding/Offboarding: Feedback from the EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference

This year’s Educause Security Professionals conference proved to be another exceptional learning experience. Attendance was strong, and our conversations with ed tech leaders from colleges and universities across the United States were even stronger. The theme for this year’s conference, “Data, Intelligence, Risk, and Value: Security and Privacy in Higher Ed,” was right on track with what we’ve been hearing from customers and prospects.

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4 Tips to Minimize the Risk with Onboarding & Managing Seasonal Workers

Seasonal employees play a vital role in the operations of retail organizations. In many industries, a full-time worker is categorized as someone who works 40+ hours a week and is on a salary. However, for retail organizations, a full-time worker is someone who works twelve months out of the year. The many employees who did not fit that definition are considered seasonal workers.

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