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Kathleen Garska, Identity Automation's Director of Marketing, is an experienced digital marketer and marketing communications specialist within the B2B and technology spaces. With a decade of professional writing and editing experience, Kathleen heads Identity Automation's marketing department, managing the strategic direction of the company's blog, website, content resources, digital marketing and demand generation efforts. Beyond Marketing, Kathleen is a dedicated (see: obsessed) dog mom to two rotten terriers, and she loves art, travel, cooking, yoga, and cycling.

Contingent Users in Education: the New Normal

You may be working alongside one of them and not even realize it: a substitute teacher, an adjunct professor, or a special education contractor. They’re all contingent workers - employees hired for a time period of one year or less with a specific end date; they could be full-time or part-time. Over the past decade, a trend has emerged in academia of these contingent workers being hired, and we’ve seen it accelerate at an increasingly high rate over the past few years.

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What Would James Bond Do? Security Measures Fit for 007

Photo by Ludovic Bertron

James Bond is known for impeccable taste in clothes, cars and cocktails. Not to mention, cool gadgets and tricks up his sleeve like wristwatch lasers and passenger ejector seats. Along with the style and grace, keeping data safe and intelligence top secret is still top of mind for Bond.

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10 Best Freemium Education Apps of 2015 For Teachers

In a previous post, we discussed about understanding how, and if, new educational apps align with your school’s data and student privacy policies. With the overwhelming amount of educational apps currently available and new ones popping up everyday, it can sometimes be difficult to shuffle through them to find those that meet the teacher’s need and also provide the security needed to protect the personal information of the teachers and students using them. With all that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of top ranked educational freemium applications that we came across in the marketplace this year.

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The Best Education Apps of 2015 - What You Need to Know

Whether you’re a teacher or an IT admin, you’ve probably seen a number of articles and blog posts recapping the best new apps for the classroom released in 2015. Since we speak so often with schools around the country, we’ve heard a lot about all these apps -- good, bad and otherwise. We also realized there’s something far more important to convey to you as you look for potential apps to use in the classroom.

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Identity Automation Named a Finalist for 2016 SC Magazine Awards

The 2016 SC Magazine Awards are coming up in March and Identity Automation has been nominated as a finalist in the Best Identity Management Solution category.  The awards program has over 30 categories and also represents the very best players of innovation, of leadership and of passion.

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Attention Amazon Shoppers: Enable Two-Factor Authentication Today

With the upcoming holiday shopping season, make sure to beef up your security preferences on your Amazon account. The online retail giant has given users the option to
enable two-factor authentication (or 2-step verification) on their accounts. Mobile-friendly ecommerce sites like Amazon’s have made us click-happy, but also easier for hackers to obtain your personal information, credit card numbers and passwords saved in your favorite internet browser.

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How The Department of Defense can use identity management to protect critical information

The Department of Defense and other federal agencies with national security responsibilities need extra layers of protection to efficiently secure data, especially from the inside. For this critical level of protection, many organizations employ a variety of technologies, including advanced endpoint protection, database activity monitoring, and identity and account management tools, not only to help guard against internal threats, but to also manage their systems more efficiently.

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