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Kathleen Garska, Identity Automation's Director of Marketing, is an experienced digital marketer and marketing communications specialist within the B2B and technology spaces. With a decade of professional writing and editing experience, Kathleen heads Identity Automation's marketing department, managing the strategic direction of the company's blog, website, content resources, digital marketing and demand generation efforts. Beyond Marketing, Kathleen is a dedicated (see: obsessed) dog mom to two rotten terriers, and she loves art, travel, cooking, yoga, and cycling.

Cyberthieves are Targeting Student Data, Is Your District Prepared? Part 2

In a recent post, we covered a major problem facing K-12 schools today: cybersecurity. Hackers are targeting educational institutions with alarming regularity—and the consequences of these delays can be major: If a student’s identity is stolen, it might not be discovered for years, until the student tries to take out a loan or get a credit card. 

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IAM Considerations When Planning an AWS Migration

As with any technology shift, there are many considerations and concerns surrounding a migration to the cloud, like how your existing software licenses transfer, what type of “cloud” you might need, reliability, and as always, security.

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Why You Need to Rethink Your Employee Access

Breaches caused by outside hackers get the most press. For example, the recent Equifax breach that resulted in the release of confidential data on 143 million Americans was carried out by external hackers who may have been state sponsored. The breach resulted in Equifax’s chief executive officer, chief information officer, and chief security officer all losing their jobs. 

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Cyber Attackers Are Increasingly Targeting Organizations Through Third Party Access

What do Home Depot, Target, Jimmy John’s, Wendy’s, Scottrade, Gmail, and the National 
Security Agency have in common? Each has suffered a high-profile data breach related to third-party access in the past five years. It’s clear: Many organizations, across industries, are failing to put the necessary security measures in place to prevent or minimize the identity and access risks associated with third-party access.

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Cyberthieves are Targeting Student Data, is Your District Prepared? Part 1

What is one of the biggest challenges facing K-12 schools today? It might surprise you, but the answer is “cybersecurity.” K-12 schools are a prime target for cyber attacks.

While they might not seem like the most obvious victims of a hack, K-12 schools are attractive for cyber criminals because they hold an enormous amount of student data—an increasingly attractive target for cyberthieves. Read on to learn more about the appeal of student information and why it’s at greater risk than ever for a data breach.

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Buying Identity Management: Single-Vendor Platform or Multi-Vendor Point Products? Part 4

Recently, we’ve been discussing what you must consider when choosing between a single identity and access management (IAM) vendor platform versus multi-vendor point products. In this final installation, we’ll take a closer look at best-of-breed and security as two final considerations and wrap it all up. 

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Why IAM Should Be a Foundation for Your AWS Migration

As cloud technologies and services become increasingly pervasive, accepted, and economically compelling, it’s no longer a matter of “if”, but when to migrate. However, an equally important question is how to migrate! And more and more, companies are moving some or all of their infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to realize lower capital costs and total cost of ownership, elastic scalability, and high availability at a global scale.

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Our Top IAM Blog Posts for Education in 2017

Last week, we released our top five most popular Enterprise IAM Blogs from 2017. This week, we want to take a look back at some of our favorite higher education and K12 education-related content. From ransomware, to managing transient users, to student data privacy, we’ve covered a wide range of key topics in the industry.

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Buying Identity Management: Single Vendor Platform or Multi-Vendor Point Products? Part 3

When selecting a solution for your organization, you may find yourself weighing the merits of point solutions versus a single platform. In part 1 of this series, two considerations were weighed: procurement effort and implementation difficulty. In part 2, we discussed integration complexity. This post will cover five long-term factors you should consider. 

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Our Top Enterprise IAM Blogs in 2017

Another year, another look back at our top blogs! 2017 produced our our most read blog to-date, RBAC vs ABAC Access Control Models - IAM Explained. And from common Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) terms and factor types to the top challenges and benefits, we also saw great readership on many of our MFA-related articles.

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