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Timothy Till has been a leader in solution sales since 1997, helping customers leverage technology to grow their business, and mitigate the costs of expanding. After joining the company in March 2008, Tim led Identity Automation's public sector sales efforts to record-breaking success year after year. He is a regular contributor to the Identity Automation Blog, a published science-fiction author, a martial arts instructor, and a subject matter expert on identity and access management use cases in K-12 and higher education.
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Top EDU Blog Posts You Loved in 2015 and Trends We Saw

For us here at Identity Automation, we witnessed amazing growth in the education tech sector this year. It’s been quite a ride... from North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction’s roll out of its cloud entity platform to our irrefutable support of the Student Privacy Pledge.

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The Complications of a Non-SSO World

Last week I wrote a post explaining the details of single sign-on, commonly referred to as SSO. I discussed what it is, what it means, how it’s used and why it’s valuable. But today, why don’t we look at the opposite side of the spectrum - what life would be like without SSO. It’s an interesting question to consider because so many companies now utilize SSO, but it wasn’t too long ago that this was our reality.

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Freemium, But With a Security Premium

As educational apps continue to rise in popularity in school districts across the country, educational technology administrators find themselves inundated. Just as quickly as IT can clear new applications for use, new ones crop up in classrooms - often without passing an IT review. This is the current state of the freemium application model in education, and it’s one that is creating a perpetual tug of war between teaching staffs and school technology departments.

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What is Single Sign-On?

If you work in the IT department or have contact with colleagues who do, you have most likely heard the term “single sign-on” (SSO). While it seems like a straight-forward description of a login technique, I’ve heard people describe it in a number of different ways.

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3 Ways Schools Can Protect Against Dormant and Obsolete Accounts in an Active Directory

During every school year, faculty members resign, students graduate and staff are terminated. However, when a student or an employee leaves the school, who makes sure their accounts are deactivated and deleted?

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A Protocol Predicament - When Apps Come to Class

News of a school district grappling with the security pitfalls of access management made headlines recently and it caught our eye. According to ZDNet, when Bearden Middle School in Knoxville, Tennessee issued new iPads to their students as part of the national iPads for Kids Program, they had few options at their disposal for securing them.

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Orphan accounts. What’s the big deal?

First off, what is an Orphan account?

Orphan accounts are the accounts that have somehow slipped past the de-provisioning paper trail.  Those accounts that still have organizational access to systems without a valid owner.  

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Technology Encourages Communication & Engagement at New Caney Independent School District

I recently visited Woodridge Forest Middle School in Porter, Texas, one of the newest schools within the New Caney Independent School District, to record a new Identity Automation video, which will highlight one of the school district’s recent successes using Identity Automation’s software. New Caney used RapidIdentity to fulfill its 1:Vision initiative and issue over 10,000 Chromebooks to teachers and students, enabling greater student engagement and a new Project-based Learning curriculum

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Learn Modern Best Practices in Identity Management - Is Your Solution Keeping Up?

Identity Automation will be hosting the second of the four webinar series with Carahsoft on Thursday, August 6. Next week’s topic will discuss some of the best practices and guidelines all schools can follow to ensure their identity management system is keeping up with the recent advances in educational technology.

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In Case You Missed It: Highlights and Lessons Learned from the 2015 CTO Clinic

In case you weren’t able to attend the Identity Automation sponsored, Texas CTO 2015 Summer Clinic in Austin, TX, or if you missed the keynote speaker, Mark Strama, Head of Google Fiber Operations in Austin, TX, we’re here to bring you some highlights and lessons learned!

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