How The Department of Defense can use identity management to protect critical information


The Department of Defense and other federal agencies with national security responsibilities need extra layers of protection to efficiently secure data, especially from the inside. For this critical level of protection, many organizations employ a variety of technologies, including advanced endpoint protection, database activity monitoring, and identity and account management tools, not only to help guard against internal threats, but to also manage their systems more efficiently.


For government organizations, protecting against mobile threats is especially crucial. As the number of government organizations issuing mobile devices grows, endpoint security risks become much more difficult to manage. The explosion of cloud technology and the adoption of BYOD policies increases the value of endpoint devices, making them more vulnerable to theft - meaning that mobile workforces can pose significant security threats.

To combat this, many IT departments control access through identity management rather than endpoint devices. IdM makes this simple to manage by ensuring that any endpoint devices attempting to access the system meet a varied set of criteria. In case of theft, IdM allows IT departments to control user passwords and access rights, adding another later of protection.

For complex projects that require additional personnel, more users must be able to access data and applications spread across multiple systems. IdM helps manage large workgroups by providing a framework that facilitates electronic identity management. IdM technology can also initiate, capture, record, and manage user identities and access permissions automatically and make sure that all access is granted according to each user’s access policy.

The sheer amount of accounts also makes it difficult to monitor when individual users make changes to the system or when they attempt to access data. An appropriate identity and access management solution will be capable of monitoring all authorized and unauthorized access and changes to critical assets while providing alerts when users are making a change that could pose a threat or accessing restricted data and applications. 

IdM systems are an effective way of meeting the challenges of  protecting sensitive data from internal sources. Since most security plans are directed towards external protection, IdM is the perfect solution to protect DoD and other government agencies from threats logging into the system both inside and outside of the enterprise.

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