Meet Our Team: LeeAnn Friemoth, Team Lead Project Manager


LeeAnn Friemoth-2At Identity Automation, we strive to be a trusted advisor to our customers during their Identity and Access Management (IAM) journey. The second an organization becomes our customer, it’s our practice to provide best-in-class service to implement and evolve their solution as time goes on.  

Organization is key when it comes to providing our customers with best-in-class service from cradle to grave, so our Project Management team is meticulous in ensuring our customers get an implementation and solution that meets their organization’s unique needs. 

Customer projects need laser focus, and that requires someone with impeccable attention to detail and the business acumen to delegate and deliver projects in an accurate, timely manner. Spearheading our Project Delivery team is our Team Lead Project Manager, LeeAnn Friemoth. From being the go-to between our customers and the Project Delivery team to documenting each step of the implementation process, LeeAnn is a pinch hitter in the process of turning new customers into lifetime clients.

“I’m Always Open to Change”

Before transitioning to the technology space, LeeAnn worked in the legal services industry as a paralegal. It was there that she learned how to keep clear documentation trails and juggle multiple projects quickly and efficiently. “Being a Project Manager developed naturally from that role,” explains LeeAnn.

Leaving behind the harsh winters in her home state of Illinois, LeeAnn made the move to Texas for a fresh start in both industry and location. As Texas law is vastly different from Illinois law, LeeAnn decided to switch gears, moving into a sales role.  

She started as a sales assistant at 2FA, Inc., a cybersecurity company that specialized in multi-factor authentication and enterprise single sign-on (eSSO). Due to her diligence and hard work, LeeAnn was quickly promoted to a Project Coordinator role. 

It was in this role she honed her project delivery skills, helping to manage communications to and from customers and the Services team. As Project Coordinator, LeeAnn was responsible for helping customers understand 2FA’s products and the requirements for a successful implementation. This, in turn, gave the engineers more time to focus on the customer’s project or implementation, allowing for a better overall customer experience.

In 2016, Identity Automation acquired 2FA, combining our IAM platform with 2FA’s broad range of multi-factor authentication methods. Along with acquiring 2FA, we also acquired LeeAnn, who enthusiastically accepted the role of Project Manager at Identity Automation. “There was a lot of change that came about versus what 2FA was used to doing. I’m always open to change, so I jumped right in,” says LeeAnn.

Ensuring Everyone Has the Tools Needed to Succeed

LeeAnn was excited about the new opportunity that  the transition to Identity Automation presented. “I saw that I could take charge of different processes and make improvements. That’s so rewarding,” says LeeAnn.

When LeeAnn demonstrated that initiative during an early RapidIdentity release, Identity Automation’s leadership took notice of her tenacity. Due to her consistent willingness to step up and take charge of projects, LeeAnn was promoted to Project Delivery Team Lead.

Identity Automation’s Project Delivery team acts as the go between for our customers and our implementation team.  From the moment an organization becomes our customer, they get a dedicated team to ensure the solution meets their organization’s unique needs. 

First, an Implementation Manager from the Project Delivery department introduces our new customer to their project team: the engineers assigned to create their individual solution and their Customer Success Manager. Project Management then documents the entire implementation process from the solution build to customer approval of the build. 

LeeAnn’s team also meets with the Engineering and DevOps teams to ensure everyone is on the same page with product releases. This includes documenting any changes customers may need to their solution or any improvements the Engineering team finds to provide our customers with additional value.

LeeAnn’s day consists of customer calls and team follow-up meetings to ensure our customers’ implementation needs are being met accurately and within the time frame allocated. “I help the team in Project Delivery to work through any issues or questions they may have,” says LeeAnn, “I also allocate projects and provide reports for leadership to review, such as the status of projects, workloads, team successes, and any larger issues that come up from the project team.”

“Hard Work Doesn’t Go Unrecognized Here”

LeeAnn feels that Identity Automation invests in their employees and enjoys our culture of supporting each other through training and development endeavors. “My team is eager to  help others and assist cross-functional teams achieve their goals and get the job done,” explains LeeAnn, “It’s one of those things that the company as a whole is always willing to help wherever help is needed. There’s always the expectation for employees to possess the drive to make certain we as a company are successful, and hard work doesn’t go unrecognized here.”

LeeAnn enjoys working at Identity Automation so much, she’s on the lookout for internship opportunities for her computer-wired son (Have him look at our Careers page, LeeAnn!). It takes a meticulous approach to make sure projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner. Identity Automation is lucky to have such an ambitious person leading our Project Management department, and we look forward to the projects LeeAnn is going to help us take on in the future.

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