Our Top IAM Blog Posts for Enterprises in 2016


What a year 2016 has been! With 2017 fast-approaching, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of our Enterprise blog highlights from the past year. From the risks of contingent workers, to upgrading legacy systems, to privileged access management, to single-sign-on – we’ve covered a wide range of identity and access management topics in 2016.

So, in case you missed them, we wanted to share some of our favorites that made our top 5 most popular blogs list for 2016:

1. Identity Automation Acquires 2FA, Inc. Adding Powerful Authentication Capabilities to our IAM Portfolio

Read more about our acquisition of 2FA, IncI am excited to share our latest press release announcing that Identity Automation has acquired, 2FA, Inc., a cybersecurity company that specializes in multi-factor authentication and enterprise single sign-on (SSO). Authentication has become an integral piece of the identity management solution set, largely driven by the need to better protect user credentials and privileged accounts... READ MORE

2. Nine Tips to Managing the Identities and Access of Contingent Users

Learn 9 tips for managing the identities and access of contingent users The full-time salaried position is no longer the dominant worker classification that it was in the 1990s or even 2000s. More and more companies, focused on cutting costs, are employing contingent workers to avoid paying taxes and healthcare benefits on those... READ MORE

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3. IAM Explained - Configuration, Customization, or Out of the Box?

 Learn the difference between configuration, customization, and out of the boxWhen organizations start or plan to start a new IAM initiative, one of the first steps they take is some form of requirements gathering. The idea is that the requirements represent the functional and nonfunctional (IAM) needs of an organization. Then, typically through some form of procurement, the organization attempts find a solution that best aligns with those requirements. However... READ MORE


4. IAM Explained: Single Sign-On vs Reduced Sign-On

Learn the difference between single sign-on and reduced sign-onWhenever I am involved in the initial discovery phase of an Identity and Access Management (IAM) project, the term Single Sign-On (SSO) always comes up. SSO is often desired or a hard requirement of customers, which inevitably prompts a clarification discussion around just exactly what SSO means to them. The customer’s definition of SSO is usually something along the lines of “customers have one... READ MORE


5. Five IAM Metrics That Every Retail Organization Should Be Tracking

Learn the 5 IAM metrics your retail organization should be trackingThe easiest way to show success is through tangible measurement. When you roll out a new project or implement a new system, you can say that you think it’s working, but without evidence, you really can’t be sure. That is why metrics are so important to a business. Metrics enable an organization to know if productivity is up or if costs are down. They can also measure whether security has... READ MORE

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