Announcing RapidIdentity 3.3

At Identity Automation, we bet big on user experience from day one. We started with the premise of UI designs for new self-service and delegation tools. During our early days, I had worked with numerous vendor products, all of which I felt were overly complicated and more constrained than they needed to be. Since then we have continued to innovate. 

Built with the future of user experience in mind, today we released RapidIdentity 3.3, which includes some exciting new feature additions to RapidIdentity

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Doing More with Less: IDM in EDU at CoSN Texas CTO Clinic

We are headed to Austin, Texas next week for the 2015 Texas CTO Cliniccovering the key issues facing ed tech leaders in Texas and beyond. 

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Minnetonka Public Schools: Powered by Identity Automation

The Minnesota school system is defying expectations with their innovative approach to technology. As a K-12 institution driving the achievement of over 8,500 students, Minnetonka Public Schools approached us looking for a better solution to solve the confusion that their previous single sign-on platform had created.

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Don't Allow a Lazy!

At the end of April we published a couple pieces of content focused on rogue employees, a security threat facing nearly every company in the world. Rogue employees are those fully vetted users inside your company who probably have no malicious intent to cause harm, but end up doing so regardless, for a variety of reasons ranging from laziness to oversights to hoarding access.

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Internal Threats are Real: Observations from IT Summit 2015 in Houston

After Houston SecureWorld, we hit the pavement again and headed for IT Summit 2015 in Houston last week. We found that our mission to educate enterprises and education institutions about the dangers of rogue employees is also the war cry of others! 

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Identity Automation at Houston SecureWorld 2015

Last week, a couple of us on the Identity Automation team attendedHouston SecureWorld 2015 courtesy of a special invite from the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). Many thanks to our friends at ISSA for the opportunity to serve on their behalf.

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Learnings from EiC 2015 by KuppingerCole

A few weeks ago, James Litton and I touched down in Munich to speak at Kuppingercole's European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015, where we also had the pleasure of speaking with innovation leaders shaping the future of IT. I wanted to share some of my thoughts and observations from the event:

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Student Privacy in Education: Part 2 - The Student Privacy Pledge and Implications for IT Vendors and Schools

Student privacy is an extremely delicate topic, important to parents, teachers, administrators, researchers, and students themselves. When we explored the history of student privacy legislation last week, we found a great deal of tension between the legal definition of student privacy and public perceptions of what privacy should be.

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Student Privacy in Education: Part 1 - The History of Student Privacy

In February, we announced that we joined over 100 organizations, including Apple, Google, the Khan Academy and Microsoft in supporting the Student Privacy Pledge. Then in March, at both the Brainstorm 16.0 Conference and CoSN Annual Conference, student privacy surfaced as a leading topic of discussion.

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Your Biggest Security Threat? Rogue Employees

Guess who may be bringing unwanted risk to your organization? Surprisingly, it’s a rogue employee. Even Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd, had this to say“Most cyber attacks are not from nation states. Most, like 95 percent, come from within a company’s four walls.”

But do you know how to spot them? And how you can stop them?

Many of the biggest attacks originate from inside the enterprise from fully authenticated users. And these rogue employees don’t always have malicious intent; sometimes they’re dedicated employees who mistakenly committed an oversight.

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