Texas Technology Summit: Presenting on the Challenges of Today's Contingent Workforce


Our first conference this year is the Texas Technology Summit on February 9th in Houston, Texas where we’ll be exhibiting in booth #214. This year’s theme: “Conquering Your IT and Security Objectives.” At Texas Tech, CIOs and IT professionals can get the right tools and make vital connections to best prepare companies for the broad spectrum of ever-changing technology trends.

One of these growing trends is the management of non-traditional talent, or on-demand labor. Last year, CareerBuilder called 2015 the Year of the Temporary Employee -- with 46% adding temporary workers to their teams last year. Contingent workers may have been characterized as temporary employees in the past. That’s not the case today.

Contingent workers can encompass a highly skilled workforce including freelancers, IT specialists, adjunct professors, contract vendors, and light-industrial workers who are driving the sharing economy (think Uber and TaskRabbit contractors).

We foresee the management of these highly skilled, multifaceted workers to be more complex than we realize. And with high turnover and access to sensitive data, IT will need the visibility and control over access and apps granted to these workers.

At the Texas Technology Summit, we will examine:

  • the business process challenges and resolution paths associated with the management of contingent workers.
  • best practices and solutions that will better equip you to manage access these workers need, when they need it.


A Trojan Horse of a Different Color: The Inherent Security Risk of Today's Contingent Workforce
Feb 9th from 1:00 - 2:00 pm, Security Theater
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