The Secret to Providing Secure Access on and off Campus: Identity Management



Most college students use technology on a daily (if not hourly basis), and view it as an essential tool. Students use technology to complete a variety of tasks, especially in relation to coursework, such as research and turning in homework. Modern students expect their school’s technology to integrate seamlessly into their lives and make the learning experience easier. And that’s just the average college student; budding engineers and technological geniuses expect their college to provide them with up-to-date hardware and software solutions.

The challenge for colleges, however, is providing the seamless, usable technology students expect without compromising security.

The answer is to this conundrum is identity management (IdM). An IdM solution creates a secure environment by instituting user authorization requirements in order to access certain data or applications; if a user isn't authorized to access something, then the IdM solution doesn't allow them to. The secret to an IdM solution’s security is a central login point, which makes it easy for IT to set up restrictions and monitor accounts. If an account attempts to breach protocol, the IdM solution can immediately disable it to prevent any security threats. This is particularly important at a college, because the system not only stores personal data related to school, but also social security numbers and addresses.

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Since most college students access multiple resources through the network such as applications, email, and even coursework, it is inconvenient for them to enter a username and password when switching between different programs. Since an IdM provides a single login to monitor for threats anyway, this login can also be used to access every program a student needs to complete their coursework. This is an easy and convenient way for students to access the network without compromising security.

One of the most useful features of an IdM solution is its ability to automatically monitor accounts. For an IT professional, this means that your network always remains secure, and for the student it means that they can work 24/7. Another feature this 24/7 automation enables is the ability for users to reset and manage their passwords without needing to contact IT; meaning that you don't have to staff the IT desk all the time.

If your network is implemented correctly, it can allow modern college students access to more information than any other generation. Due to its security protocols and automated account monitoring, an IdM solution can make accessing this information convenient and secure.



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