Webinar: Your legacy IAM System is Obsolete. Now What?



Back when enterprises began adopting identity and access management (IAM) solutions, like the one you might be using now, the focus was on passing compliance audits. However, the times have changed and so have the business and threat landscapes.

Organizations today face a number of challenges, such as increasing adoption of cloud-based apps and BYOD policies, evolving security threats, complex business processes, and growing numbers of external users, for which legacy IAM systems simply weren’t designed to manage.

As the gatekeeper to your company’s sensitive networks, applications, and data, IAM is critical to both security and productivity. However, legacy systems require a significant hardware infrastructure and manual processes that are notoriously expensive to maintain and update when you factor in ongoing licensing fees and the custom coding fees and consulting fees that are required any time a change needs made. Simply put, a dated legacy system can be time and resource drain that ultimately leaves your organization at risk.

Perhaps you’ve tried to plug some of the gaps by adding point solutions? Unfortunately, many of these newer, point solutions only address a portion of your identity management needs, requiring customization, expensive integration efforts, and the addition of new tools as your organization’s needs evolve, such as protecting online account and buyer data.

Our recorded webinar, featuring guest speaker, Andras Cser of Forrester Research, explores the business and security capabilities of full-featured, modern IAM solutions that offer the agility, flexibility, and lower total cost of ownership needed to address an enterprise’s current and future needs.

Interested in learning more about upgrading to a full-featured, modern IAM solution? Watch our webinar, Signs It’s Time to Modernize Your Identity Management Software to learn:

  • How to assess your organization’s current and future identity, access, and authentication needs
  • The key differences between legacy, point, and full-featured, modern IAM solutions
  • Questions to ask IAM vendors when researching and evaluating different IAM products
  • Why now is the time to start your search for a new solution

Recorded Webinar: Signs It's Time to Modernize Your Identity Management Software 


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