Our 2020 Predictions: What's in the Future for IAM?



Another year has passed and we’re now in a new decade. Looking back on our 16 years as a company in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry, we’re excited to see where the next ten years takes us and how IAM technologies will continue to evolve.

While only time will tell regarding future trends, we thought sharing a few of our own tips and predictions for IAM in 2020 would be a fun way to kick off the year. So, here are a few insights from two of our resident IAM experts, our Co-Founder and CEO, James Litton and solutions reviews from our Director of Solutions Engineering, Greg Pearson. 

From how to ensure a successful IAM implementation to Bring Your Own Identity, we’re shining a light on where IAM is today and where the industry is headed. 

Tips of the Trade

What to Look for in an IAM Solution Vendor


“One of the things you should look at when selecting an IAM solution is ensuring you select a vendor that has the interest of your organization in the forefront of the solution. 

When you look at a vendor make sure that they are a trusted advisor, that they evaluate your business processes, and understand those things that happen in your organization and map their products to your processes. 

The reason for that is to ensure you don’t have to change your processes to meet their products.”

How to Ensure a Successful IAM Implementation


One of the things that a customer can do to ensure a successful IAM implementation is to implement a framework or platform as a solution as opposed to point solutions. 

The reason being is that a point solution like a single sign-on (SSO) or password management solution may meet certain needs but may not scale to the needs of tomorrow. 

Looking at a platform that makes it possible to integrate all of those components together gives you the flexibility to build a framework to scale to your needs as they grow.”

Our 2020 IAM Predictions

*Disclaimer: This article originally appeared in Solutions Review, Experts Share Their Predictions for Identity Management in 2020

Identity is the New Perimeter


“One of the things that I think we’ll see in 2020 in the world of identity and access management (IAM) is the increasing need to make sure that we’re securing identities, since they are the new perimeter. 

As we’re well-aware, our perimeter has increased beyond our normal boundaries which includes remote workers, remote workstations, and applications that are cloud- based. 

So for that reason, we have to look at the access that individuals have or that other resources have to applications and systems outside our network.”

An Expanded Approach to Just in Time Access

“A “just in time” (JIT) approach to access will expand beyond the traditional scope of privileged access as organizations look for ways to get more granular with access controls and eliminate unnecessary standing access.”

BYOI — C’mon, Everyone’s Doing It!

“The Bring Your Own Identity or BYOI will transition from trend to common practice, shaking-up existing approaches to identity and access management. Instead of creating a new digital identity, more and more users will opt for the convenience of simply selecting to use an existing identity, such as Google, Facebook, or Apple to access digital services.”

Our New Year’s Resolution

At Identity Automation, we like to remind each other to embrace change daily. We anticipate great strides in IAM on the horizon, and we’re happy to be here with you every step of the way. We’re going to take 2020 by storm, and we’re ready to help your organization today! 

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