Your Biggest Security Threat? Rogue Employees


Guess who may be bringing unwanted risk to your organization? Surprisingly, it’s a rogue employee. Even Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd, had this to say“Most cyber attacks are not from nation states. Most, like 95 percent, come from within a company’s four walls.”

But do you know how to spot them? And how you can stop them?

Many of the biggest attacks originate from inside the enterprise from fully authenticated users. And these rogue employees don’t always have malicious intent; sometimes they’re dedicated employees who mistakenly committed an oversight.

We created this infographic to help you understand (and visualize) the identities of three types of rogues who are often overlooked and who pose significant threats to your company’s foundation.

roguesgallery-headerClick to see full infographic

You should also check out our new eBook, The Three Types of Rogue Employees - And How To Stop Them, to learn techniques on combating them.

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