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Kathleen Garska is an experienced digital marketer and writer within the B2B and technology spaces. As Identity Automation’s Marketing Manager, she oversees the company’s digital, social, event, and blogging efforts. Beyond Marketing, her interests include art, design, travel, and cooking.

Assigning Authentication Risk Levels, the Problem with the Traditional Approach

The employees in your organization are all different. There are people in marketing and finance and HR. There are people who always work from the office, those who always work from home, and those always on the road. Some employees need lots of access to sensitive data and systems to do their job, while others only need basic access to standard applications.

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The 6 Business Systems You Should Be Protecting with Privileged Access Management, Part 2

Your organization likely realizes the unfettered access that traditional IT privileged accounts provide and has taken proactive steps to lock down access to these accounts. But what about critical business systems that offer the ability to cause reputational damage or that provide access to monetizable data, such as protected health information (PHI), credit card numbers, and social security numbers?

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The 6 Business Systems You Should Be Protecting with Privileged Access Management, Part 1

Traditionally, privileged accounts are IT-based and have special active directory (AD) attributes. IT administrators use them to log into servers, switches, routers, and applications and perform tasks without restriction.

Legacy security systems focus on protecting these AD privileged accounts, and with good reason: Once obtained by hackers, the accounts can be used to access the most sensitive data, lock out legitimate users, and create ghost accounts and back doors that are not easily seen.

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Cloud Computing for Schools: How IAM Systems Can Improve Migration

If you are thinking of moving to the cloud or have already started that transition, you’re in good company. An impressive 80 percent of school districts are using cloud-based software. It’s easy to see why.

The cloud offers many benefits for students, educators, and administrators. Students are able to learn technology skills, collaborate with other students, hold group discussions online, and get valuable information from outside experts.

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Privileged Account Management is More Than Just Protecting IT Admin Accounts

There have been a slew of major data breaches in recent years. The number of records exposed in data breaches last year alone reached 174.4 million—close to five times the 36.6 million records exposed in 2016, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.

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CJIS Compliance and Your Information Security Program

The role of mobile technologies within the field of law enforcement continues to grow in both importance and number of applications. Law officers count on these technologies for much more than simply receiving dispatch calls or looking up arrest records. Officers are using mobile devices in the field for capturing photo evidence, fingerprinting suspects at the scene, conducting interviews, issuing tickets and citations, managing personnel tracking and deployment, and much more.

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The Problem with Legacy IAM Systems and Third-Party Access

Despite the risks associated with remote third-party access and the ongoing slew of data breaches resulting from third-party breaches, outsourcing isn’t going away anytime soon. On the contrary, IT outsourcing will be a $335 billion industry by 2019, according to Gartner. The benefits to business productivity, efficiency, and collaboration are simply too great, and modern enterprises can’t compete without opening up their infrastructures and data.

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IAM Considerations When Planning an AWS Migration

As with any technology shift, there are many considerations and concerns surrounding a migration to the cloud, like how your existing software licenses transfer, what type of “cloud” you might need, reliability, and as always, security.

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Why You Need to Rethink Your Employee Access

Breaches caused by outside hackers get the most press. For example, the recent Equifax breach that resulted in the release of confidential data on 143 million Americans was carried out by external hackers who may have been state sponsored. The breach resulted in Equifax’s chief executive officer, chief information officer, and chief security officer all losing their jobs. 

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Cyber Attackers Are Increasingly Targeting Organizations Through Third Party Acces

What do Home Depot, Target, Jimmy John’s, Wendy’s, Scottrade, Gmail, and the National 
Security Agency have in common? Each has suffered a high-profile data breach related to third-party access in the past five years. It’s clear: Many organizations, across industries, are failing to put the necessary security measures in place to prevent or minimize the identity and access risks associated with third-party access.

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