DSS Systems Integration Adapter for KeepnTrack


Identity Automation is pleased to announce the release of its DSS systems integration adapter for KeepnTrack.

This adapter allows a connection to the KeepnTrack application for the purpose of querying, creating, updating and deleting person and facility records.

The capability makes it possible to automatically populate the KeepnTrack system with your staff and student information thus saving countless man-hours and eliminating errors caused by manual record creations. The adapter supports automatic record updates into KeepnTrack which handles new employee, student and contractor additions, removals and profile updates based on information from your authoritative systems such as your HR system, Student Information system, etc.

The adapter also supports the movement of data from KeepnTrack into other systems. A good example of this is using KeepnTrack to automatically and instantly provision visitor accounts (for network access or any other system access) for vendors, volunteers, temporary staff, etc. This reduces burden on the IT staff, increases services-levels, reduces risk and ensures auditability of access.

These are just a few examples of the capability that the new Identity Automation DSS Adapter for KeepnTrack provides.


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