Austin Independent School District Spotlight: Creating a Digital Ecosystem with “AISD Anywhere” Access



As the fifth-largest public school district in Texas, Austin Independent School District (ISD) is guided by the motto “AISD Anywhere” to provide 100,000 students, teachers, and parents greater access to their EdTech tools.

When choosing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, Austin ISD’s Executive Director of Enterprise Applications Jon Hurley knew it would need to create a single, unified infrastructure.

Connecting the district’s systems and tools—including their student information system (SIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, curriculum tools, and eBooks—would allow for greater security and less backend maintenance.

"RapidIdentity is like an iceberg. There’s a bunch of stuff under the ocean that you don't see that makes each piece work flawlessly." -Daniel Olivas, Network Analyst, Austin Independent School District

RapidIdentity, the digital identity platform for education, emerged as the perfect solution for Austin ISD—configurable, cloud-based, and user-friendly. The district selected the following from RapidIdentity's suite of solutions:

  • RapidIdentity Lifecycle to automate the full identity lifecycle of all users including students, teachers, staff, parents, subs, contractors, and consultants district-wide.
  • RapidIdentity Authentication to deliver seamless, one-click user access to applications via single sign-on (SSO) for staff, while protecting all entry points with multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods that simplify authentication for students and teachers.
  • RapidIdentity Governance to manage district identity and access control policies and ensure consistent, district-wide enforcement using policy-driven configurations that wouldn't require changes to Austin ISD's existing processes.

Daniel Olivas, Network Analyst at Austin ISD sees RapidIdentity as the new perimeter of the district’s digital environment, tying together the district’s infrastructure and synchronizing its data, so users can access classroom tools from any WiFi network.

To learn more about how RapidIdentity helped Austin ISD create a digital ecosystem that students and teachers can access from anywhere, read our full customer spotlight here.

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