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Gavin McKelvey joined Identity Automation in 2020 as Chief Marketing Officer. Approaching two decades in enterprise technology services marketing, Gavin has held various roles over the last two decades that focused on connecting enterprise buyers with solutions across wide area networking, cybersecurity, and communication applications. At Identity Automation, he is able to combine his passions for learning and serving his community by helping keep students safe as they learn online. Gavin holds an MBA from Georgia State University and a Finance degree from Georgetown University.
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Identity Management vs. Login Syncing: What’s the Difference? Part Two

Has your district evaluated or implemented single sign-on (SSO) services to simplify your students and educators’ login experience to their online learning tools? While this is an important step forward, it’s likely not the full solution your district needs.

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Identity Management vs. Login Syncing: What’s the Difference? Part One

As K-12 accelerates their collective journey down the path of digital transformation, one key undertaking of midsize-to-large school districts is the improvement in the learning experience, at scale, while improving cybersecurity.

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