Next-Generation Identity and Access Management: Empowering Your State's Education System with a Universal Identity Fabric




In the realm of education, where data drives innovation in student outcomes, security is paramount. Unfortunately, coordination and collaboration at state and local levels has been cumbersome and complex, which slows down improvements in both cybersecurity and student outcome innovation. It's time for a different approach to identity management among state education systems with identity and access management that overcomes the challenges of coordination and collaboration across districts, agencies and higher education institutions. 

It is with this ambition in mind that we unveiled Identity Automation’s groundbreaking RapidIdentity Universal Identity solution. A unique offering that creates a hub-and-spoke identity fabric connecting an entire county, state, system, consortium, or even nation’s disparate academic and governmental institutions into a unified system of identity and cybersecurity automation.

Cybersecurity has become the top challenge and priority as states and local institutions battle the rise of malicious actors targeting the education sector. The Universal Identity solution offers a centralized identity store, connecting individual LEAs to the state for secure data sharing and portability. The solution also integrates district monitoring and logs into a centralized statewide Security Operations Center (SOC) for heightened visibility, detection, and response, with a statewide Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) system, leveraging LEA data to execute coordinated and automated responses to security incidents. These capabilities provide institutions the ability to act swiftly and decisively to safeguard our education system. At the individual user level, Universal Identity incorporates point-and-click AI phishing protection, real-time threat intelligence reporting, and constant monitoring and remediation of user passwords against breaches to mitigate the risk of accounts being taken over by criminals that can lead to ransomware attacks. Proactively mitigating risks and protecting students' futures enables the educational ecosystem to remain protected.

Built specifically for education institutions, the Universal Identity model accounts for the unique complexities of education data, enabling informed decision-making, personalized learning, and improved outcomes. This distinction is the key to unlocking your state's educational potential that has been elusive to alternatives, such as attempts to retrofit commercial identity tools that are designed to address enterprise use cases and users. The ability to blend employment, demographic, and academic data allows seamless and secure access to resources to become a reality, enhancing teaching and learning. 

With a balanced approach of centralizing an identity store while offering LEAs flexibility of classroom management tools (e.g. single-sign-on portals), institutions can greatly improve data redundancies and discrepancies, efficiency of decision-making and administrative efficiency. Balancing top-level governance and local flexibility, the Universal Identity fabric empowers the central system to establish standardized policies, processes, and access controls, while granting local institutions the autonomy to shape their own destinies in a harmonious blend of consistency and innovation.

Universal Identity establishes a truly federated and distributed identity fabric across the state, fostering collaboration, best practice sharing, and innovation. Breaking down data silos and unleashing the power of collective knowledge. Adding in a user-friendly interface that provides K-12-friendly passwordless and multi-factor authentication (MFA) options ensures convenience for users without compromising security.

With the RapidIdentity Universal Identity solution, your state's education system will thrive, embracing the power of data, security, and innovation. The state is able to provide equitable world-class services to all constituents, regardless of size, by purchasing as a larger cohort while maintaining local flexibility and independence.

Prior to this announcement, Identity Automation has already successfully partnered with multiple university systems as well as both state and federal agencies to implement Universal Identity. The RapidIdentity Universal Identity solution has been deployed now to connect multiple disparate ecosystems across the US, Canada, and Europe.

The future of education begins now. Join us in igniting educational excellence.


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