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As Director of Product Marketing, Carter is passionate about education and IAM, as both play a strong role in his past and present. Carter comes from a long line of educators and is a graduate of Texas Christian University. He is also a former high school teacher and coach and maintains his certification by the Texas Education Agency in history and technology education. Prior to Identity Automation, Carter managed EST Group, an IAM consulting group that implemented multiple vendor COTS solutions to education and healthcare industries. Carter has taken on various roles across the full lifecycle of an IAM customer journey, including: Sales, Sales Engineering, Project Management, Delivery, and Support.
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Why Your Institution's Community is the Greatest Ransomware Threat

Cybersecurity experts have long touted that “the traditional perimeter is dead” and have advocated for a zero-trust and identity-centric approach to security. However, if your identities are the most important element of a modern cybersecurity program, it is an unfortunate, but real truth that they are also the biggest threat to your systems.

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Bob Got Hit By a Bus: Overcoming IT Challenges in Higher Education

Sometimes complex problems require complex solutions. And sometimes those complex solutions cause even more complex problems. However, this cycle can be eliminated altogether by adhering to the one cardinal rule that we all learned in grade school: show your work!

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