Our Top Enterprise Blogs of 2018


Top ENT Blogs of 2018

The year has come and gone, but before we jump head first into 2019, we’re taking a look back at 2018. And this year has been busy for us! From the completion of our Multi-Factor Authentication series to our top performing Benefits of Single Sign-On post, which garnered huge popularity, this year has been a show stopper.

After reviewing everything we’ve released the past 12 months, we’ve compiled a list of our top five blogs from 2018 just for you. Enjoy!


Benefits of Single Sign-On Solutions1) Benefits of Single Sign-On Solutions

Many of our customers implement our Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform for its identity lifecycle management capabilities. And with good reason—automating these tasks means IT no longer has to waste valuable time and resources creating and managing accounts or provisioning and deprovisioning systems and target applications. However, many overlook the benefits that can be gained....READ MORE


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Explained: Bluetooth Authentication2) Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Explained: Bluetooth Authentication

In today’s world of increasing cyber threats, more and more pressure is being put on companies to increase security with stringent authentication processes. However, companies and their users seek methods that won’t negatively impact user experience. Bluetooth authentication is a method that has emerged to address these needs....READ MORE


2FA Explained: FIDO3) Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Explained: FIDO U2F

In an era of constant cyberthreats, enterprises are looking to beef up their security posture. A strategy being used by more and more companies is multi-factor authentication (MFA). One of the most secure authentication methods is Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Universal Second Factor (U2F), an emerging universal standard for tokens....READ MORE


Why Role Nesting and Role Mining Won’t Address Your Access Management Needs4) Why Role Nesting and Role Mining Won’t Address Your Access Management Needs

As the number of employees, vendors, contractors, and departments within an organization grows, so too does the complexity associated with managing access to a growing number of applications and systems. System administrators commonly manage this complexity by preemptively creating more roles for exceptions and edge use cases...READ MORE


The Top Data Challenges Facing Your IAM Implementation5) The Top Data Challenges Facing Your IAM Implementation

Now that we better understand how IAM systems leverage user data, it’s important to examine some potential data challenges and the effects they can have. And while there are many challenges on the data front, these are the top three issues we see; the ones that can have the biggest impact on your IAM implementation and operations.....READ MORE


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